Science / VAST

VAST Center Support for Local Districts

The Grant Wood AEA Van Allen Science Teaching Center (VAST) is committed to providing:

  • Opportunities to learn in a hands-on, minds-on oriented classroom using research based,comprehensive curriculum for ALL students
  • The structure to experience science with the integration of reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Districts and educators receive assistance with:

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    Curriculum that embraces best practice and is aligned with local district standards and benchmarks, the Iowa Core Science Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards

    Literacy links, writing to learn and informational text opportunities are embedded in the units

    Alignment to the K-8 Iowa Core

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    Research-based high quality instructional materials that are continuously updated to current versions.

    Classroom materials for every student to experience hands-on, minds-on science learning opportunities.

    Grade-to-grade learning progressions that build on each other to offer every student the opportunity to learn the key concepts that lead to science literacy.

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    Classroom summative and formative assessments are included in the curriculum units.

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    Professional Development

    Access to high quality professional development classes that are directly relevant to teachers’ classroom science teaching responsibility and targets new teachers

    Access to GWAEA science consultant support for assistance in implementation

    Technical materials assistance from the VAST Center staff

    Additional Resources

    Regional Framework

    Iowa Governor's STEM Council Scale-Up Grant
    - Engineering is Elementary (EiE)
    2017-2018 Scale-Up Program
    - Engineering is Elementary
    EiE - IA Standards Alignment
    Iowa Core Science
    FOSS 3rd Edition
    FOSS NG Edition

    Framework for K-12 Science
    Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts and Core Ideas (2013)
    Upcoming Opportunities in Science Education

    GWAEA Media Center Resources

    Animals Two by Two
    - Pictures
    - Vocabulary

    Environments 3rd Edition
    - Arrows for Food Webs

    Insects and Plants
    - Teaching Tips
    - Silkworm Video 1
    - Silkworm Video 2

    Living Systems 3rd Edition
    - Introductory Card Set

    Pebbles, Sand and Silt
    - Illustrated Word Wall Cards, 3rd Edition

    Plants and Animals
    - Plants/Seed Match Cards

    Structures of Life 3rd Edition
    - Classroom Teacher Planning Guide
    - Student Notebook
    - Glossary Full Sheets
    - Glossary Half Sheets
    - Virtual Owl Pellet

    Water 3rd Edition
    - Big Ideas
    - Vocabulary