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Grant Wood Area Education Agency offers districts cutting-edge opportunities to leverage research-based best practice to improve student learning.


Paving a Personalized Pathway with Blended Learning

Blended learning brings together the strength of traditional instruction with the advantages of technology, and is one way to personalize learning environments to meet the needs of children, families, and businesses. Learn more about how we're paving a personalized pathway to student achievement through blended learning.

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Mentoring and Induction

The Grant Wood AEA Mentoring and Induction Consortium pools together local and national resources to make certain that every school in the region had access to proven and research-based induction, mentoring and coaching programs. Since 2005, GWAEA's consortium has supported districts and teachers with this uniquely designed and specially tailored program that has generated impressive results for curtailing teacher attrition in rural districts and supporting teachers who can close the achievement gap for children with special needs. Learn more.


Region 10 CTE (Career Tech Education) Planning Partnership

Region 10 CTE Planning Partnership Goal: Prepare Region 10 high school students for 21st Century Careers that provide a sustainable income and opportunities for professional growth.

3/28/17 Region 10 CTE Partnership Budget Proposal

March 28, 2017 Region 10 CTE Planning Partnership Agenda

3/2/2017 Region 10 Planning Partnership Minutes

RPP council agenda 3.2.17