Free AEA Resources Can Combat "Summer Slide"

Mar 27, 2017

Free AEA Resources Can Help Combat Students' "Summer Slide"

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The promise of summer should paint images of kids sliding at playgrounds or sliding into home plate, and with a little effort, parents can prevent a negative connection to sliding this summer.

The phrase "summer slide” refers to the tendency for some students to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year. Some young students get busy with the break from school and parents forget to include reading into their busy schedules, and other children may not even have access to books.

This summer, parents can help prevent "summer slide" by helping their children access free resources provided through Grant Wood Area Education Agency.

Grant Wood Area Education Agency provides instructional materials for K-12 classrooms in seven counties including Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington. The agency has a lending library for educators that provides content in an assortment of mediums, ranging from K-12 books, audio books, journals, videos and DVDs. Many of these same resources also are available for parents to use as well.

"One category of resources available to schools and parent are our online resources. These online resources are a virtual library full of options for students. Several products such as BookFlix, TrueFlix, MackinVIA, TumbleBooks and TumbleBook Cloud relate specifically to literacy and are used in many classrooms. A number of parents are unaware that they have access to these same resources at home year round," commented Kathleen Goslinga, Grant Wood AEA media assistant.

For example, using Grant Wood Area Education Agency's online resources, students can jump online and read a book from many different categories of interest. Access to these resources are free for parents and students enrolled in a public school district or an accredited, non-public school. The AEA provides a variety of different online resources are appropriate for younger students who are just emerging as readers, and materials that are better suited for a high school senior.

Accessing these resources starts with a simple phone call. "Parents can ask their child's teacher librarian for their Grant Wood AEA Online Resources username and password, or they can call our agency to obtain this information. Then they're just a few clicks away from accessing our online resources that are full of learning opportunities," adds Kathleen.

"Access to books and online learning is important for educators and families all year," she said, "But we hope our resources find their way into even more homes this summer as students look for a way to escape the heat and as parents look for ways to help their students continue learning."

By contacting the Grant Wood AEA Media Center at 319-399-6754 or 800-642-4107 parents can access the Grant Wood AEA online resources for these free online resources.